Nice to meet you

As a Catalyst for Radical Authenticity,
I guide spirit-led women to integrate all parts of who they are so that they can create an aligned, passionate and abundant life.

I'm completely OVER hearing women diminish themselves!


After doing this to myself for decades, I finally woke up to how fucking brilliant I am...


just inherently brilliant.


And so are you.


So, that's what I'm here for...


To empower you to step into your brilliance,
your power and your birthright of freedom,
abundance and full self-expression.‚Äč


My own journey of self-discovery and personal empowerment
led me to find my voice through pain and loss...


When my parents divorced and my family fractured, I was 9.
It sent me into a tailspin searching for safety and control anywhere I could find it.
It eventually led to disordered eating, perfectionism, obsessive exercise and
crippling self-consciousness.


At the peak of my obsessive-compulsive tendencies,
I found myself on my bathroom floor one night attempting to purge myself after a late-night binge.


That night, I WOKE UP and I vowed to find and begin using my voice again.


I embarked on a journey of personal development, healing and spiritual awakening
My heart and my life opened up. I repaired vital, broken relationships,
I found committed love and I stepped into my next career with courage.


I spent 14 years training and coaching women as a Bootcamp Owner,
Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach.


I was owner and co-owner in two fitness companies over 8 years and
competed in my first fitness competition at age 44.
After working exclusively with women for 6 years I realized that my early life struggles
and how I was able to break free of them could really help my clients.


So I began doing emotional, mental and spiritual work with them and
their results ~ just like mine ~ were life-changing.


My commitment to helping you find what you truly desire
(connection, love, acceptance, worthiness, fulfillment and purpose)
actually has a deeper intention...


I want to impact the young women coming up behind you ...
your daughters, nieces, granddaughters.
I do this work for them.


I have been trained extensively in coaching, leadership, performance,
mindset, communication and transformation.


It is my mission to help you start living your most authentic, powerful and fully expressed life.


"What you seek, is seeking you."