Hi, I'm Kristen

I am The Catalyst: 

I Ignite the Audacious Expression of Divine Feminine Leadership


As a 17-year fitness industry veteran, I discovered that the path to healing is the integration of all parts of myself... mind, body and spirit... and the courageous expression of all of those parts.

My journey led me from self-sabotaging my career, relationships, health and money to a deep dive into personal development and transformational leadership.

I have spent the last 20 years discovering my truth by discarding the pieces that were never me. This is my lifelong journey.

I am a guide and a catalyst and I lead groups and individuals to heal by developing the courage to speak their truth.

My clients say this...

"The baggage and stress I once carried "literally" that weighed me down is GONE!! This all started in February at the retreat and is just getting better ... in only a matter of a few weeks. Love your support! ❤️"


"I’ve seen several coaches and SHE IS THE ONE that worked for me. My partner said she is awesome because he’s never seen me more motivated to take direction from someone else and be in action."


"Kristen unwaveringly stood with me over hours, days and months as I gave my best resistance to taking the layers off. Her unrelenting no-nonsense coaching pierced the dense places where I thought I had lost feeling. Then one day, I discovered my emotional vice was a cover for intimacy and deep desires."


"I have had incredible breakthroughs thanks to Kristen, and my life is seriously on a better, brighter track.  I no longer tolerate being passive and avoidant of challenge or opportunity, which is the most empowered place I’ve ever been in. I cannot recommend her enough."


The biggest lie women tell themselves is that they should be able to solve their own problems, that they don't need help or worse... that other people are destined to live their dreams, but not them.


I had the same bullshit story about myself and breaking free from those limiting beliefs has transformed my life in indescribable ways.


I owe my marriage, my kids, my business and the peace and fulfillment of living my truth to my own personal development and spiritual transformation.

It's my honor to help you with yours.