Chief SOLUTIONS Officer

Inspiring Leaders and Transforming Teams 

Born into a loud and loving Italian New York family, Kristen Lena’s boldness and passion for authentic communication have always been her defining traits. After graduating Cum Laude with a degree in Speech Communication, she quickly realized that her passion was empowering leaders to drive positive change, productivity and impact through empowered and productive conflict solutions.

Kristen's journey in coaching began with an innate ability to identify patterns in communication and “hear” the things that weren’t being said by her clients. She listens in such a way that she hears, feels and senses the conversations that aren't happening, but need to.  Kristen firmly believes that transformative leadership can only be achieved through authentic and productive communication designed to get to the heart of the matter. 

In her pursuit to inspire and cultivate direct communication, Kristen founded her coaching and consulting company, specializing in personal transformation and team cohesion delivered through the lens of radical honesty and straight-at-it, courageous conversations. She believes that if your team isn’t telling you the truth, you’re losing money and market share.

Oh, and by the way ... your team isn't telling you the truth.

The CONFLICT Solution™: A Breakthrough in Team Development

Kristen’s extensive background as an entrepreneur and an advocate of clear, authentic communication, combined with her intuitive and visionary skills, led her to develop her groundbreaking process known as The CONFLICT Solution™. This unique approach equips leaders and teams with the tools to adopt the radical concept that
conflict IS the solution, rather than something to fix, avoid, resolve or weed out.  

Kristen’s process empowers leaders, teams and organizations to approach conflict like a firefighter approaches a blaze - to run straight at it, rather than step over it, avoid it or hope it goes away on its own.    

Her process teaches that inside of conflict, lies the unspoken language to our underlying commitments, values and perceptions. When leaders have the courage to see conflict as a key that unlocks performance, their organization experiences higher levels of productivity, employee engagement and ultimately increases in revenue and impact.


The leaders I work with have this to say ...

"Going to your retreat was the kick in the ass I needed." The baggage and stress I once carried that weighed me down is GONE!! It all started at the retreat and is just getting better ... in only a matter of a few weeks. Love your support! ❤️ "


"Stepping into my power and learning the beautiful fullness of true self-expression, without fear of being criticized or laughed at, opens you up to how glorious you are and always were. Who knew? Kristen creates a wonderful container of safety and truth. She gently and deeply opened my  eyes to the amazing woman that I am."


"I’ve seen several coaches and SHE IS THE ONE that worked for me. My partner said she is awesome because he’s never seen me more motivated to take direction from someone else and be in action."


"I discovered how to trust my own intuition, to permit not-knowing (aka patience) & to believe more fully in my own power and inherent wisdom. Real life and the curriculum (of the course) integrated so naturally. I liked the openness, warmth, and mutual support of all the women as well as  Kristen’s courage, candor, insights, and flexibility."


"Kristen unwaveringly stood with me over hours, days and months as I gave my best resistance to taking the layers off. Her unrelenting no-nonsense coaching pierced the dense places where I thought I had lost feeling."


"Spent 3 incredible days learning to live my life with purpose and vision, connecting with strong like-minded women and knowing who I am and what I want in life! This event was life-changing and I'm forever grateful!


"I had incredible breakthroughs thanks to Kristen, and my life is seriously on a better, brighter track.  I no longer tolerate being passive and avoidant of challenge or opportunity, which is the most empowered place I’ve ever been."