I am Juxtaposition, Dichotomy & Polarity 

A Lover and A Fighter

Matter and Energy

Soft and Strong

Fierce and Feminine

Courageous and Vulnerable

Paradigm-Shifter and Rule-Breaker


The women I serve say this...

"Going to your retreat was the kick in the ass I needed." The baggage and stress I once carried that weighed me down is GONE!! It all started at the retreat and is just getting better ... in only a matter of a few weeks. Love your support! ❤️ "


"Stepping into your power and learning the beautiful fullness of true self-expression, without fear of being criticized or laughed at, opens you up to how glorious you are and always were. Who knew? Kristen creates a wonderful container of safety and truth. She gently and deeply opened my  eyes to the amazing woman that I am."


"I’ve seen several coaches and SHE IS THE ONE that worked for me. My partner said she is awesome because he’s never seen me more motivated to take direction from someone else and be in action."


"I discovered how to trust my own intuition, to permit not-knowing (aka patience) & to believe more fully in my own power and inherent wisdom. Real life and the curriculum (of the course) integrated so naturally. I liked the openness, warmth, and mutual support of all the women as well as  Kristen’s courage, candor, insights, and flexibility."


"Kristen unwaveringly stood with me over hours, days and months as I gave my best resistance to taking the layers off. Her unrelenting no-nonsense coaching pierced the dense places where I thought I had lost feeling."


"Spent 3 incredible days learning to live my life with purpose and vision, connecting with strong like-minded women and knowing who I am and what I want in life! This retreat was life-changing and I'm forever grateful!


"I had incredible breakthroughs thanks to Kristen, and my life is seriously on a better, brighter track.  I no longer tolerate being passive and avoidant of challenge or opportunity, which is the most empowered place I’ve ever been."


The biggest lie women believe about themselves is that they should be, do or have something different, more or better.

We've been conditioned to believe we should be...


A better wife, a prettier girlfriend, a smarter mom, a thinner woman, a richer boss.

And that once we do, be or have those things, then life will be good and we will be happy.

I had the same bullshit story about myself and breaking free from that conditioning has transformed my life in immeasurable ways.

I owe my marriage, my kids, all three of my businesses and the peace and fulfillment of living my divine truth to my own personal development and spiritual transformation.


I have an intense passion for helping women out of their conditioning, transforming their beliefs about themselves and helping them create magic on the planet.


​It's what I came here to do!

And so my question to you is this ...


How much is your RADICAL AUTHENTICITY worth to you?